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In 1938, after the Nazi occupation of Austria, a few weeks before the Freud family fled to London, Edmund Engelman took about 150 pictures of Freud's office and living quarters at Berggasse 19, Vienna

Freud's World in Photos: A Photographic Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Sigmund Freud's Birth - by Menachem Wecker (09.27.06)

What's on a man's mind - cartoon - Freud
Bust of Freud by Oscar Nemon - 1931
Bust of Freud by Oscar Nemon - 1931
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Sigmund Freud and his family (Psiconet)
Sigmund Freud and his working environment (Psiconet) (copyrighted images) - type Sigmund Freud in the searchbox
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