Nowadays, I have noticed in national and international news that the greatest difficulty for governments and their secret services is to clearly define which targets (civilian or military) should be attacked and who is to be punished when the list of suspects, many already cloistered, is simply becoming enormous.

Under the pretext that special precautionary measures should be taken to protect the innocent population, advanced technology is being employed with the utmost shamelessness and illegitimacy, in an effort to capture information (the most diverse?) In order to strengthen the Intelligence armory... Worse, the phenomenon tends to fall into globalized concubinates.

The secret and indiscriminate use of such practices, as a true occultism, is multiplying the anonymous faces that are added under the wings of covert and almost legitimized impunity.

The land is being increasingly undermined so that the most varied forms of discrimination that would have been banned from the catalog of politically correct items will become burnt commodities in sales that bear the label of antiterrorism.

Is this a new version of the Holocaust, when one no longer pursues a race or religion, but all those who represent a danger to the status quo?

It seems that we could regress to other moments in the History of Civilization if we can not respect our laws. When the political regime is democratic, regardless of the economic system in force in a country, what is dangerous or not, is usually already well defined, as well as the respective convictions, according to the crime committed. The problem is not being able to define whether an individual is a criminal, a terrorist, a prisoner of war or none of the above alternatives. Is it still allowed to be a free thinker?

Totalitarian regimes generally have, as one of their fundamental characteristics, opportunistic criteria that can be concealed through curious euphemisms, seemingly without contradicting their referendum par excellence. In certain cases, dictatorial shamelessness manifests itself without veils.

Political discourse is usually fraught with ruses. It is not surprising to catch distorted strategies that, in order to neutralize or destroy a danger zone, use practically the same tactics of the enemy. The methods can vary and are even arguably more sophisticated from the point of view of technology or warfare, but it is necessary to analyze whether the internal logic behind these counterattacks is not on the same level as the opponent to be dealt with. It would be unfortunate to identify that it is a mere exchange of places, with basically the same attitudes.

When one is in the land of command and control, these invaders who despise the notion of well demarcated boundaries, not only of the territoriality of others, but also of the legitimate rights of citizenship, represent what I would call an 'ideological fragmentation'. When it comes to countries with clearly defined legislation that are surreptitiously cheated by their leaders, I call this scheme 'ideological perversion'.

This is not a silly analogy, though it may seem so. The point I make is based more on evidence. We may note that certain children constantly fight for the most frivolous reasons. Others fight and make up. Others do not like to fight, but they learn how to defend themselves. A few live very harmoniously, facing eventual setbacks.

It would be a mistake to consider that the problems children face are very different from those of adults. Everything is proportional to the level of mental development.

It is painful to note that especially in the political-economic sphere, the most frequently used psychic processes bear much resemblance to a kindergarten without a proper EGO to co-ordinate with wisdom the impulses and fantasies inherent in every human being.

And wisdom is not synonymous with repression, denial, suppression, forclusion. It is transformation that truly seeks the common good. It is the true intelligence that seeks fulfillment and development possible for all, with sufficient responsibility to bear the consequences of their actions.

Wisdom is not unaware of the more primitive states of mind. It only cultivates the hope of a fertile evolution of what is in status nascendi. And it is continually proposed to reconsider, with transparency, the necessity or not of the containment of this explosive potential, through a pacifistic dialogue, pondering on the adequacy of the measures to be taken.

It is obvious to conclude that the more appropriate the circumstances offered to this development are, the fewer the points of disaggregation, and the disruptive tendency of the instincts can be better used in the service of Creativity rather than Destruction. It is a matter of supposed creativity, often falsified of scienticism, when cloning artificialisms and certain manifestations are rehearsed in a kind of social beaker. True Creativity needs the shelter of an adequate conjuncture.

The twenty-first century demands a depth of intentions to care for the present, because the present of the future can not be detached from the decisions we make about who we are and the most legitimate purposes we can endeavour today.

Brainstorming this article in Portuguese Copyright 1998-2018, by Maria Helena Rowell. All Rights Reserved