Free by Rick Noble
Poem kindly sent
by my dear friend
Rick Noble
<bgsound src="ccokadac29sea.mid" loop=infinite> Chuck Okada
Sunset at Santa Monica Beach
I fall
to hit the ground.

But the hole is endless
and I realize
that it will continue

and Hatred
grip me

with their burning cold fingers
through the skin.

leaving me naked.
as a worm.
in my tunnel.

I see the bottom
and the end of the endless.

begins to envelop me.

A new warmth
cradles me
with its light.

I am lifted
by a loving breeze,
out of the depths.

My demons are purged
and the chasm I had dug
is filled with an ocean of love.

My wounds are cleaned
and I am

For the first time
I am free
of the torture and pain that I created.

Thank you.