Psyche in Prose


Corners of our interior...

As songs of the kingdom, where Psyche dwells; sometimes like corners of the closet, where the soul is kept; corners of the heart, where emotions throb, lined with ideas, to be explored from many angles. To welcome the challenge of thoughts full of edges; spaces of sensibility, where the inspiring warmth shelters the inhospitable oppressive, all lit up with darkness and shadows, shapes of our memories.

As chants of a thousand voices, which at times set off, choirs that chant our history, traversing a whole tonal scale, made not only of severe and acute moments, but of necessary pauses, counterpoints to silent plots. Unfinished symphonies of stifled desires, expressed in a sudden breath by the poet-singers of our dreams, furtively awaken echoes of what is present, we do not know very well where...

Life has quiet rhythms or even hallucinations, asking for compositions made of hope - sounds in search of a score that turns the cacophonies into melodic lines of understanding.

Oh! To listen to oneself, like a conductor passionately involved with numerous possibilities of unprecedented arrangements and harmonies. To interiorize himself as an avid explorer who, in order to penetrate the depths of the unknown, reveals potentialities, discovers hidden resources.

There are songs in the corners and there are so many!

Brainstorming this article in Portuguese Copyright �2018 by Maria Helena Rowell (01.09.18)