Silver Spring Monkey BY RNN
Poem kindly sent by my dear friend
Rick Nobel (03.21.2000)
FreeWay - background designed
by Lia Maier Rowell
She's my copperfish
The mutagen in my blood
She invaded me
Took over my mind
She rearranged me
Deformed my self
She turned it
Into a monstrous atrocity
I've become stained
With the shadow that she sells
I fear what I've become
But I'm ashamed of what I was
I feel like Penfield's homunculus
But I can't go back anymore
Every dog has his day
Or is that what they've told me
Am I doomed to keep hiding
From this pollution transcended
Halcyon come and get me
Take me out of here
I need to be saved
From the crashing waves