Sweet Dream by Rick Noble

I see you
in my dreams.

I can't see
your face though
and I start to cry.

You bend down
and kiss the tears away
and again I am happy.

Who are you
and why are you here
in my dreams?

I want to know
why my beautiful oblivion
is changing

but I can't
I grasp

but as you whisper
words that become clearer
to me

I let go.

Suddenly I am falling
with you near

my fear
into and with the black hole

the box that had absorbed
all light
so that I could not see the ugliness of my oblivion.

My dream
becomes reality
and I realize

that I am
not falling, but soaring
on the wings you had made for me.

My sweet madness
takes over
and I am

Poetry&Image <bgsound src="bjorn_lynne-an_inspired_moment.mid"> Bjorn Lynne
An inspired moment
kindly sent by my dear friend
Rick Noble (04.06.99)