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Alan Parsons Project

"1990 soundtrack to this film about the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. An essential addition to the collection of Alan Parsons Project fans, it contains 18 tracks -- allwritten & composed by APP's Eric Woolfson (except one that Parsons himself wrote the music to). Parsons produced the soundtrack and Woolfson also served as the executive producer of the soundtrack,which was engineered by Parsons with Tony Richards" (AMAZON.COM)

“Dr. Freud” (song)
Well, it started in Vienna
Not so many years ago
When not enough folks were getting sick
And then a startling young physician
Tried to better his position
By discovering what made his patients tick

He forgot about sclerosis
And invented the psychosis
And a hundred ways that sex could be enjoyed
He adopted as his credo: down repression, up libido
And that was the start of Dr. Sigmund Freud

Oh, Doctor Freud! Oh, Doctor Freud!
How we all wish he had been differently employed
But the set of circumstances
Still enhances the finances
of the followers of Dr. Sigmund Freud
I listened to an audio file from Newsweek and wrote down the lyrics, but I don´t know the name either of the composer or the Trio that sings this song

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|Freudiana| |Beethoven| |Chopin| |Bach| |Miscellaneous|

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