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02. Multimedia (photos, portraits, statue, bronze bust, videos, play)
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Freud's Works on-line
Freud-Fliess letters (1887-1904)
The Origin and Development of Psychoanalysis (1910)
On The History of the Psychoanalytic Movement (1914)
The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (1901)
The Structure of the Unconscious
Some Character-types Met with in Psycho-analytical Work (1916) [SE, XIV, 318-24]
On Cocaine
Sigmund Freud on the Web (summary by Marc Fonda)
Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of his Childhood (1910)
Moses of Michelangelo (1914)
On Transience (1916) - excerpt
Why war? (1933 [1932])
Splitting of the Ego in a Process of Defence (1938)
Abstracts of the SE of The Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud
Multimedia (photos, portraits, statue, bronze bust, videos, play)
BBC Interview - Freud speaks about Psychoanalysis (in English) - Encarta
Freud in England - an interpretative guide
Sigmund Freud: his Family and his working environment (photos & videos)
Sigmund Freud Home Movies 1930-1939
9 videos about Freud and his family (Yahoo video links)
Google / Images (photos)
Sigmund Freud´s bronze bust by Boris Spivak (1931)
Sigmund Freud`s Statue by O.Nemon (1931-37)
Sigmund Freud´s portrait by Hermann Struck (1914)
Sigmund Freud´s portrait by Max Pollack (1921)
Sigmund Freud´s portrait by Robert Kastor (1925)
Sigmund Freud´s portrait by Ferdinand Schmutzer (1926)
Sigmund Freud´s portrait by Salvador Dali (1938)  read more here
Sigmund Freud´s portrait by Andy Warhol (1980)
AMAZON.COM/Video (Sigmund Freud: biography)
At home with Sigmund Freud play with Brian Lipson and Pamela Rabe 
Web Pages
Freud Timeline
Young Dr. Freud  by David Grubin (great site!)
Mythos and Logos  by Brent Dean Robbins
Lucidcafé  by Robin Chew
Freud's Passion  by Evan J. Elkin (more than a cigar)
Freud´s Collection of Antiquities
Freud and Religion
Freud and Religion   by Rusty Wright
"Young Hans"   by Meg Greene Malvasi
A counterblast in the war on Freud: the shrink is in by Jonathan Lear(highly recommended)
Cocaine  by Edward M. Brecher
Freud and the "Cocaine Episode"  by Jean Chiriac
Freud and Literature/ Music
In Memory of Sigmund Freud (1940) - poem by W. H. Auden
Psychoanalysis and Literature  by John Lye (1996)
Freud and Music  by Stuart Feder, M.D.
Freudiana  Alan Parsons Project (1990)
The International Journal of Psychoanalysis
(open online presentation and discussion of papers)
International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA)
The Sigmund Freud Museum London (check their outstanding Dream Site)
The Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna
Psychoanalytical Papers on War, Genocide and Terrorism
Ideologies of War and Terror (several proeminent authors)
Psychoanalisis and War: The Superego and Projective Identification by Joanna Montgomery Byles (PsyArt)
Jewish Virtual Library(AICE)
Sigmund Freud - Paper & Essays
Greek Mythology & Psychoanalysis
Oedipus & the Sphinx  by Andrew Wilson
The Web & Psychoanalysis
L'Inconscient, le Web
Narcissus and Necessity: Why Are We Creating Virtual Realities by Ken Sanes
Psychoanalysis and/of the Internet (1995)  by Robert M.Young
Sexuality and the Internet (1998)  by Robert M.Young
The Role of the Internet in the Theory and Practice of Human Relations (2000)  by Robert M.Young
Famous Psychoanalysts and their biographies
Personality Theories
S.Freud, Anna Freud, Jung, Otto Rank, Adler, Karen Horney etc. - compiled by C. George Boeree