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"I started my professional activity as a neurologist trying to bring relief to my neurotic patients"

"I discovered some important new facts about the unconscious in psychic life. People did not believe in my facts and thought my theories unsavory"

The Legacy of Sigmund Freud
Read and listen to the debates

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Sigmund Freud - A Special Report/Freud's Legacy (Online NewsHour) (01.06.99) (11:33->51 bytes)

 The legacy of Sigmund Freud is examined as the exhibit "Freud: Conflict and Culture", opens at the Library of Congress. Susan Dentzer reports from the NewsHour Health Unit. Features two recordings of Sigmund Freud; Frederick Crews, Freud critic; Michael Roth, Exhibit Curator and author of Freud: Conflict and Culture; Dorothy Holmes, practicing psychoanalyst; excerpt from the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Spellbound", and dialogue between Diane Keaton and Woody Allen from the "Annie Hall" movie.

Why we dream (National Public Radio) (08.04.99) (47:23->122 bytes)

 This century, Freud brought a quasi-scientific authority to the practice, and the imprint of psychoanalysis on the way we look at dreams has been hard to shake. The intense nature of dreams leads us to think they must have some significance, but is there really a scientific basis for dream analysis? Join Melinda Penkava and guests for a look at why we dream, and if dreams have meaning.

Sigmund Freud - A Special Report/Dreamworld (Online NewsHour) (11.04.99) (11:20->178 bytes)

 Susan Dentzer reports on the latest analysis of dreams and Freudian theory. Then host Terence Smith with guests Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University Medical School, Robert Stickgold, and President of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Robert Pyles, debate the dream world.

Freud  (National Public Radio) (01.09.00) (7:59->84 bytes)

 Last November marked the 100th anniversary of the publication of "Freud's Interpretation of Dreams" and this year, conferences and commemorations are taking place all over the world. NPR's Margot Adler reports. (8:00)

Freud's Couch (National Public Radio) (05.20.00) (10:57->124 bytes)

 Susan visits psychiatrist Harvey Rich of Washington, D.C., who not only is an analyst, but designs and builds psychoanalytical couches.

Freudian Slips - (BBC Radio 4) (March 2005)  - 5 programmes

 Lisa Appignanesi revisits five of Freud’s major works for their centenary

II - Exhibition on Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalysis at the Library of Congress

Sigmund Freud - A Special Report (Online NewsHour)

Sigmund Freud - Conflict and Culture Library of Congress Exhibition

III - Sigmund Freud´s 150 birthday 

 The Therapist as a Scientist by Claudia Kalb (Newsweek - 03.27.06)

Before inventing psychoanalysis, Freud dissected fish and studied the anatomy of the human brainstem

 Freud in our Midst by Jerry Adler (Newsweek - 03.27.06)

On his 150th birthday, the architect of therapeutic culture is an inescapable force. Why Freud—modern history's most debunked doctor—captivates us even now

 Interview: Biology of the mind by Claudia Kalb - interview with Dr. Eric Kandel (Newsweek - 03.27.06)

A Giant: Kandel says Freud gave us a rich picture of the complexities of mental life

 Analyze These by Benedict Carey (The New York Times - 04.25.06 - free subscription)

 The Way We Live Now - Freud and the Fundamentalist Urge by Mark Edmundson (The New York Times - 04.30.06 - free subscription)

Freud, Illustrated (Audio Slide Show) by Sarah Graham and Lisa Laboni - voice of Benedict Carey - (The New York Times - 04.25.06)

 Why, 150 years later, we still lick Freud by Lenore Skenazy - (New York Daily News - 05.07.06)

 A Freud for all seasons (The Independent - 05.07.06)

 The Secret Sigmund by Jonathan Jones - (The Guardian - 05.09.06)

 Rehabilitating Freud by Robert Maxwell Young - (Prospect Magazine - Issue 122, May 2006)

 Freud's Drawings from Brain to Mind - audio tour, slides of the drawings and audio commentary by Lynn Gamwell, the curator, and Mark Solms, a leader in the neuro-psychoanalysis movement - (Science Friday, May 2006)

IV - Articles

Is Freud Out of Date? by Hanna Segal, psychoanalyst from the British Psychoanalytical Society

Freud Bashing Still In Vogue by John M. Curtis (

The id comes to Bloomsbury by Daniel Pick (The Guardian-08.16.03)

What do we want? Don´t ask Freud! by Suzanne Fields

Dr. Freud goes to Washington by Bruce Bower

Sigmund Freud: Psychoanalyst by Peter Gay (Time-03.29.99)

BBC Documentary:  The Century of the Self - a series by Adam Curtis

The Burying Freud Web Page promotes heated debates. I recommend the following essays:

1. The Assault on Freud by Jeremy Holmes, Psychiatrist from North Devon District Hospital (Devon-UK)

2. A counterblast in the war on Freud: The shrink is in by Jonathan Lear, Professor at The University of Chicago

Roth, Michael S. - Freud: Conflict and Culture, Knopf, 1998 - Buy  this book
Lear, Jonathan - Open Minded: Working out the Logic of the Soul, Harvard University Pr, 1999 - Buy this book

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