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Sigmund Freud and his Family

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Sigmund Freud - his family and his working environment (photos & videos)
Sigmund Freud and family - childhood, father, mother, wife, parenthood
Sigmund and Anna Freud (more photos)
Ernst Ludwig Freud - architect (son) 
Martin Freud - lawyer (son) 
Anna Freud - psychoanalyst (daughter) 
Lucian Freud (painter) - the son of Ernst and Lucie. He painted numerous portraits of his mother. He is the father of Esther and Bella (grandson) 
Clement Freud (writer) - Lucian´s brother and father of Emma and Matthew. Married to Jill Freud (grandson) 
Anton Walter Freud - son of Jean Martin who married Ernestine Drucker - about the Holocaust  (grandson) 
Sophie Freud - daughter of Martin Freud is a social work educator (granddaughter) 
Esther Freud - The Freud Heritage lives on - PDF (great-granddaughter)  Get Adobe Reader 7.0 
Bella Freud - fashion designer  (great-granddaughter) 
Emma Freud  - TV and Radio Presenter  (great-granddaughter) 
Jane McAdam Freud - sculptor   (great-granddaugter) 
Matthew Rupert Freud - famous PR (great-grandson) 
David Freud - UBS Banker (great-grandson) 
Jack Freud - Psychology student (great-great-grandson) 
FREUD, Martin -  Sigmund Freud: Mand and Father, Jason Aronson, 1983 (son)
Buy this book 
FREUD, Ernst -  Sigmund Freud: His Life in Pictures and Words,W.W. Norton & Co Inc, 1998 (son)
Buy this book 
The Letters of Sigmund Freud-  of the four thousand letters extant, his son Ernst Freud has chosen three hundred and fifteen - selected and edited by Ernst Freud, McGraw-Hill, 1964 (son)
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FREUD, Sigmund - biography (1997) - Buy this video
BEHLING, Katja - Martha Freud: a biography, Polity Press, 2006 - Buy this book
ROAZEN, Paul - Meeting Freud´s Family, University of Massachussets Press, 1993 - Buy this book
ENGELMAN, Edmund -  Sigmund Freud: Bergasse 19, Vienna, Universe, 1998 - Buy this book
FREUD MUSEUM -  20 Maresfield Gardens, Serpent´s Tail, 1998 - Buy this book
BERTHELSEN, Detlef - La famille Freud au jour le jour: Souvenir de Paula Fichtl, Presse Universitaire de France - PUF, 1991 (French) - Buy this book
BERTHELSEN, Detlef - Alltag bei Familie Freud: Die Erinnerungen der Paula Fichtl , Hoffmann und Campe, 1987 (German) - Buy this book
BERTHELSEN, Detlef -  Dia a Dia com a Família Freud - Depoimentos da governanta Paula Fichtl, Civilização Brasileira, 1996 (Portuguese) - Buy this book

Sigmund Freud: His Life in Pictures and Words by Ernst Freud Martha Freud: a biography The Letters of Sigmund Freud by Ernst Freud

20 Maresfield Gardens Berggasse 19 - Vienna by Engelman Video: Sigmund Freud - biography

Jacob Freud (1815-1896) Sigmund Freud's father
Amalia Freud (1835-1930) Sigmund Freud's mother
Martha Freud, née Bernays (1861-1951) Sigmund Freud's wife
Mathilde Hollitscher, née Freud (1887-1978) first child
Jean-Martin Freud (1889-1967) second child (lawyer)
Olivier Freud (1891-1969) third child (engineer)
Ernst Freud (1892-1966) fourth child (architect)
Sophie Halberstadt, née Freud (1893-1920) fifth child
Anna Freud (1895-1982) sixth child (psychoanalyst)
Lucian Freud
bio - paintings - interview - quotes
(1922-2011) grandson (painter)

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